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How does BabbleFable work?


Are you eager to learn English easily and naturally together with your child? Are you overwhelmed with all those monotonous and repetitive tasks? Then, without any doubt, our product is just what you have been looking for! BabbleFable is not only an effective way of learning English, but also an original one, as special 3D-technology is used, namely, the direct interaction with characters. You have a unique chance not just to learn all the aspects of the language, but also to make the characters alive using just your voice. In addition, you can easily interact with the characters by controlling them completely. You’re welcome to get absolutely absorbed into the world of 3D, fairy tales and magic, to get acquainted with its inhabitants and obtain a lot of new knowledge there.

What makes us unique

Сказочный 3D Мир

Magic 3D world

Total “immersion” into the magic 3D world and the feeling of the presence of its

Голосовое управление

Voice control

Full control of the characters and permanent interaction with them

Для любого возраста

For all ages

Useful both for children and adults. Can be used for cooperative language learning, as well

Развитие говорения через чтение

Development of speaking through reading

Constant development of foreign language speaking skills through reading

Комплексное обучение

Comprehensive training

Teaching foreign language pronunciation, learning and revising new vocabulary and grammar before every fairy tale

Шкала CEFR


Creation of fairy tales and exercises in accordance with every language level on CEFR-scale

Some statistics

86% of success in foreign language learning includes student’s active participation while combining the unusual with the

63% of users choose reading as one of the most effective ways of foreign language learning which helps

About 700 million people speak English

Around 77% of people deal with 3D technologies every day

On average, people with a good command of foreign languages earn 15–30% more

You can learn a language by devoting only 15 minutes of your time per day

BabbleFable Games

Hurry up to try and feel the impact of quick English language learning!

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Как зарегистрироваться и купить игру BabbleFable? / How to register and purchase game “BabbleFable”?

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Поговорим о сказках! А вы знали?! / Let’s talks about fairy tales! Did you know that…?!

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А вот и доказательства!! / And here there is some evidence!!

[ip:AZ,AM,BY,KZ,KG,MD,RU,TJ,UZ,UA,TM]Полное погружение в сказочный 3D мир и создание эффекта присутствия его героев рядом. Голосовая интеракция с героями

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